I’m too high for this shit…


We have all had them. It’s one of those things that just happens to happen at a time where you are somewhere between climbing and reaching the climax of your buzz, and there is no way to make any sense of it. Your bud has got you so damn gone right now, and this happening makes zero sense, in your perfectly zooted world… and the only sensible response you can give is

“I am too high for this shit!”


What are some things that have happened to you to make you say that?

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No Pool for me…


So I successfully talked myself out of going to the pool just now.

yep… so much for that.

Blackberry kush took a moment to remind me, just how long of a walk that was… just to be getting in some water.

Not when I got a nice sized bath tub sitting in the next room!

I just couldn’t do it. Not right now, but I’ma keep these trunks on for a little while. They make me feel like I’m at the beach. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty damn good right now. Damn! Only if the grocery stores around here would deliver…

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Well, it’s time to go watch that show of all kinds of mystery and confusion… You sit there for hours on end, caught in the choices on Netflix. And never really come to a solid conclusion, but end up watching something just because you wanted to watch something on Netflix.

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What if…?!!


So I was thinking about this one for a minute. I mean it would be a cool idea or after thought, but what if each different strain had “Activators”. Meaning certain activities enhance the bud’s effects, by being enjoyed a certain way.


Like say Blue Dream would work best in a dimly lit room, Blue Candy kush worked to increase conversation and should be sparked in a group setting, Sour D would work to increase mental awareness and could disect and rebuild ideas and subjects, Kushes worked on you while you slept… stuff like that!

It sounds cool in my head…

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A Few Strains I Want to Try


So of course, me being me, I took some time to go thru a list of strains out and their effects, and made a list of all the ones I would like to try out.

I wish I could put them down on a wish list and someone would hook me up… Y’kno, sharing is caring!

Anyways, my Wish List consists of this…

*White Widow *DrGrinspoon *Critical Mass
*BellaDonna *EasyRider *LSD
*Dutch Cheese *G13 *Maui Wowie
*Sensi Star *Jamaican Lion *Strawberry Cough
*CannaSutra *Jack Herer *Pineapple Express
*Chocolate Thai *Blue Skunk

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What are some strains you are looking forward to trying?

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Cherry Pie


I was surprised by Cherry Pie. I really did not know what to expect, so I wasn’t expecting much at all.

I was out on the deck with a colleague, and we were sitting there talking about current events going on in life… and then it hit me… I mean it really hit me! Cherry Pie wastes no time on impact! It’s like getting hit by a bull charging head first at you, at top speed. Making contact, dragging you along with him on his horns, trampling you and then he just keeps going.

The high was something serious! The sky got bluer, the grass greener, the music sounded… distorted, but the birds sounded great! It was a heavy body high. How did I know? Cuz I had to get up not too much long after, and that was not a fun trip… walking I mean.


Cherry Pie’s parents are Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush. Right there, that should tell you something. It should, but if it doesn’t just know you have been warned. I wasn’t couch locked, but I did feel the weight my body had packed on. My vision and thoughts were more clear and very focused. I had a bit of confusion going on, where I couldn’t quite figure out why random people were talking to me… come to find out, they weren’t (they were just looking in my direction while talking). Of course I was very much relaxed and the high lasted for a good amount of time, considering even after I came down I still couldn’t remember exactly how to get home from where I was (and I lived right around the corner and down the street).

Aaaah yes! Good Ol’ Cherry Pie!

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Stoners versus…

One of the biggest and most common arguments I get into now more than before is … well pretty much any debate about Bud. What’s worse is the persons wanting to debate, are ones who do not smoke and or have not given it a try. Then you have the ones that have tried it, but they ended up having a “Bad Experience” which usually means it made them paranoid, or it was too strong for them to begin with (I’ll come back to this).

It gets irritating even bothering with these people and their nonsensical logic, which somehow always ends up with drinking being the better choice.


I let drinking go. I’ll have a drink on occasion, but I don’t do it like I use to do as I was growing up. When I really got into Bud and learned all that I did about it, and how it is not the monster it was made out to be, I took to it. What once took me 4 full cups, now only takes 2 good puffs. I don’t have to worry about no bloated feeling, no nausea, trying to get it down when my body clearly is telling me it’s had enough, no head in the toilet bowls, no next day hang over, throwing up stuff that wasn’t there to begin with, liver damage, none of that! I’m alright… Y’all can have it.


Once I realized the damage I was doing to my body, it kind of hit me hard. I use to like drinking, but after a while I began to hate the after effects. It just wasn’t as cool as it was made out to look. Then when Bud came into the picture, it allowed me to see things clearly. I would go out and see people either stumbling around or needing help walking, thinking to myself… S/He is going to hate her/himself in a few hours. Then again, when it comes to drinking, I know people are gluttons for the punishment that comes with it.

I won’t lie. I use to love the room spinning, and the floor feeling like it was on a carousel. It was fun! It was different. I understand, not everyone can take vacations like that, and we all need to get away sometime. Some of us feel like we need to escape more than others, I get it… but it really isn’t worth it. In my opinion of course.

Bud is not a gateway drug. Unless that gateway leads to the refrigerator. Nothing about it makes me even care about any of the other stuff out there. Now on another note, James Brown and Macho Man have made other drugs look like a good time to be had, but that is not my thing.

What is your poison? Which ones have you tried, Liked, disliked? and Why?

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Blue Candy Kush


I took a chance with this one.

I’m not a big fan of the Kushes. Honestly I will have to give them another try, but the time that I had kush, each one had it’s own ‘problem’ so to say. Either it put me to sleep, had me in a trance or on severe couch lock, made me a Munchies Monster, or on occasion wasn’t strong enough.

So when I got the word to check out this Blue Candy Kush, I was skeptical at first. Worst of all, I couldn’t find it on my “Smoke’-dex”. (Then I realized it was a sibling of the Candy Kush strain then I found it)

I am so glad I made the choice to try it out! It is pretty damn nice if I must say so myself.

The Candy Kush strain originates from one of the most popular strains known as Blue Dream. Its genetics also contain one of the most popular strains of all time, infamously known as OG Kush. Combine these two potent cannabis strains together, and you get a Indica-dominant Hybrid known as Candy Kush!

This is a social strain. The effects of this strain are 1) Talking (and thinking of course) 2) Laughing (Cuz whatever you are talking about at some point will be funny) 3) You will feel very relaxed but with a burst of energy 4) More Laughing 5) More Talking… and yes if you enjoy this alone, there is a very good chance you will be talking to yourself, your TV or whatever is closest to you… and then laughing about it.


So far, I have only had this Bud rolled, and me personally I prefer a water pipe > paper any day. The high is completely different if you ask me.

There is no couch lock, you are still very much in control of yourself. You may experience a heightened sense of feel, meaning your skin may be sensitive to a touch. Which is always a good time with the right people around. And I find that this strain works well when enjoyed in small doses. This is a good anytime, anywhere strain that you can enjoy solo or with a crowd, with no confusion so you are still able to maneuver. Personally, I like it! Out of all of the Kush family (that I have had the pleasure of trying), I like this strain the most.

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