My Checklist

One thing that I have noticed about green, is that each and every strain is different in it’s own way. Each has it own effects, it’s own special qualities, and it’s own uniqueness in some way. I took notice of this some years ago. I got tired of not knowing what it was I was getting involved with. I knew there had to be more to it than “Mid” or “Exotic”… I needed to know just what it was I was dealing with. With that, I found out that there are MANY different strains (as they are known as) out there. A way to classify and identify what you have. For those that don’t understand I usually tell them it’s something like Pokémon, there are over 400 different types with different powers and identities and they are out there waiting to be found.

I have made a list of the ones that I have come in contact with, and have given them a grade as well as some thoughts and feelings toward them. WHY? You ask… simply because if I like something, I would want to make sure to get more of it whenever it is available. On another note, if I don’t like something, I will know not to waste my time with it.

I’ve come in contact with many people who claim they don’t/won’t smoke because they hate that “Paranoid feeling” they get. To that, I say to them (Well first I ask them WHAT were they smoking? Of course their answer is simply weed. Which means to me they have no idea, and that is never a good thing)… then I say to them “You were smoking the wrong stuff” or “You were focused on the wrong thing” sometimes it is a combination of both. Weed has a way of amplifying your thoughts, feelings and just life in general… so if you are sitting there feeling like something bad is going to happen, well you will get stuck in that thought and it will indeed amplify. On the other hand, if you think good thoughts and relax and enjoy the world around you… everything just gets better.

I’ll run down some of my favorite strains for you, and even some of my not so favorites… so you can see what I mean. There are even apps out there that I use to determine if I want to try a certain strain or not, and help me make my check list of strains I’d like to try.

What are some of your favorite strains? 


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