Weed WIne… Hmmmm….


So I just found this article on a few Vintners out there who have been fusing weed & wine! Personally I think it is a wonderful idea. That is merging two worlds together to make great things even greater if you ask me.

It kind of ties in to what one of my ‘patients’ was saying to me about what he is doing with his weed since he is ‘taking a break’ so to say. The idea was/is to save some of the best strains he has come in contact with, and put them up. Treating them no different than a fine wine. This was something that I myself was doing, but I hadn’t viewed it that way, and now it makes it that much more appealing. When I find a strain that I like, I make sure that I have enough to enjoy for the now, and then I save a good amount for “Special Occasions”. Whether it be good company, an event, a holiday, or something I consider to be special enough for me to pull out the “Top Shelf” greenery.

Now in the sense of the Wine & Weed combination, I was wondering if it could be done… I knew of the weed and Liquor combination. I’ve even made a bottle of the “Green Dragon” once or twice and was quite happy with the results. Not too fond of the taste, but the effects were nice indeed! After doing that, I had wondered could it be done with wine. I am glad to know that it could be!


Have you had green prepared in any other way other than the usual? What combinations would you like to see?


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