Bud and Music

Is it me or does the music just go on forever when you’re high? Like after the first verse finally finishes, You’re like… ok what song is next, but then the next verse comes on and you’re like well damn… How long is this damn song???

It’s a wonderful thing actually. Sometimes we never really pay much attention to what we are hearing. One of my ‘patients’ confessed after a session one day that, she had these certain songs on her iPod, which was music that she had listened to for years but only when she was ‘over the influence’ (or High) had she REALLY heard the music, or thoroughly enjoyed it. It was actually rewarding to be able to do that for someone, to open their eyes to a whole new world and experience.

What are some songs that you like to listen to while high? Which artists sound that much better ‘over the influence’?


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