Sour Diesel


One of my absolute favorite strains without question, is SOUR DIESEL!

I didn’t realize just how much more my mind was working until I came down and realized I had thought about more stuff in that short span of two to three hours, than I had done in a usual course of a day. At first I didn’t realize it, I just brushed it off as ‘this is what weed is supposed to do’, which actually began my taking notice of the differences in the types of highs each strain comes with. After Sour Diesel, I tried some Blue Dream, and then a Haze… none of them had did to me what the Sour did.

Sour Diesel, I have given the name my ‘Mental Medication’. It unlocks and opens up channels in my mind that I sometimes can not tap into on my own. The faucet of creativity turns on and goes straight to full blast, The thoughts pour in, and they come pre loaded with both questions as well as answers! It’s almost like you are a spectator watching you, playing chess with yourself and still being amazed at the next move being made.

You will know Sour Diesel from the rich thick smoke it produces. The smell of the bud itself has a hint of diesel fuel in it, which is where the name comes from. The onset of the high is pretty quick. It’s not intense at first but gradually picks up. Personally, I like water filtration best for this bud.

I recommend Sour Diesel to all of my ‘Patients’ who are or consider themselves thinkers, Artists, Poets, Writers, or anything that requires any kind of creative thinking. They all agree.



2 thoughts on “Sour Diesel

  1. Michael says:

    How can i get my Hands on some Sour Diesel, i really want to try it but i live in El Paso, TX and i don’t know where to get any here? I don’t think they sell any here? Do you know how i can get some n try it??…

    • Honestly, that is one of those things you yourself have to get out there and find. If you know smokers or have smoker friends, start there. If not (and this might sound like a smart-ass answer) use the laws of attraction to bring it to you. I meet cool new stoners everyday at the local (Glass)shop, and of course they know where everything is. It’s just a matter of being where things/people are really.

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