This is my Buddy, Benson!

file_38_2p>Benson came into the picture maybe 3 years ago. I was interested in the idea of vaping, but the only vape I had knew about at the time was the infamous Volcano… but it came with a hefty price tag. I really was not about to pay $600 for it. I didn’t see it happening.

After a while I began to check around, and found out that there are others out there. So then it became a question of name brand/Quality, and of course reasonable pricing.

Initially I had decided to get the digital wood/metal tabletop vaporizer… no, actually that is what I ordered. Well when the package arrived, I ended up with Benson. Now, at first I was upset because I had my hopes up for the digital one, but a friend of mines who was there when it came was like “Go ahead and open it up, you might like this one…” which was indeed the case.


We vaped some Blue Dream that day, and watched the Regular Show.

It was after a year or so of good experiences, that he would acquire the name Benson



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