Pre Meditated Munchies!


I’m not sure about anyone else, but you would think I had a house full of children if you were to see my cart at the grocery store.

There are some strains out there that will have you completely zombified, with cotton mouth, heavy limbs and slow movements, and an out of this world untamable hunger. No matter what you eat, nor how much… You will still be hungry. And what is worse is that it’s not a real hunger, but it’s noticeable. Very Noticeable. It’s more like a black hole has opened up in your gut and you are allowed to eat any and everything, without limits or repercussion. Well, until you come down of course.

Maybe it’s the choice of strains I have tried, but I don’t get the munchies like I did when I first started out. I get hit every now and again, but it’s not an every toke type of thing.

To prepare for that, every time I go grocery shopping now, I stock up on all kinds of goodies. Sandwich meat, Juices, cakes, Two and Three boxes of cereal (to add to the two or three I already have at home), Donuts, cookies, chips, dip, Cheetos, M&M’s, big bags of candy, and the big size chocolate milk!

I might have to take a pic of my pantry to let you see the severity of the situation. And place a sign on the door that would read “Only in case of The Munchies should door be opened!”

What are some of your favorite “Munchies”? Better question, What are some of the most craziest combinations of foods have you eaten while over the influence?

bongs glass pipes waterpipes


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