Stoners versus…

One of the biggest and most common arguments I get into now more than before is … well pretty much any debate about Bud. What’s worse is the persons wanting to debate, are ones who do not smoke and or have not given it a try. Then you have the ones that have tried it, but they ended up having a “Bad Experience” which usually means it made them paranoid, or it was too strong for them to begin with (I’ll come back to this).

It gets irritating even bothering with these people and their nonsensical logic, which somehow always ends up with drinking being the better choice.


I let drinking go. I’ll have a drink on occasion, but I don’t do it like I use to do as I was growing up. When I really got into Bud and learned all that I did about it, and how it is not the monster it was made out to be, I took to it. What once took me 4 full cups, now only takes 2 good puffs. I don’t have to worry about no bloated feeling, no nausea, trying to get it down when my body clearly is telling me it’s had enough, no head in the toilet bowls, no next day hang over, throwing up stuff that wasn’t there to begin with, liver damage, none of that! I’m alright… Y’all can have it.


Once I realized the damage I was doing to my body, it kind of hit me hard. I use to like drinking, but after a while I began to hate the after effects. It just wasn’t as cool as it was made out to look. Then when Bud came into the picture, it allowed me to see things clearly. I would go out and see people either stumbling around or needing help walking, thinking to myself… S/He is going to hate her/himself in a few hours. Then again, when it comes to drinking, I know people are gluttons for the punishment that comes with it.

I won’t lie. I use to love the room spinning, and the floor feeling like it was on a carousel. It was fun! It was different. I understand, not everyone can take vacations like that, and we all need to get away sometime. Some of us feel like we need to escape more than others, I get it… but it really isn’t worth it. In my opinion of course.

Bud is not a gateway drug. Unless that gateway leads to the refrigerator. Nothing about it makes me even care about any of the other stuff out there. Now on another note, James Brown and Macho Man have made other drugs look like a good time to be had, but that is not my thing.

What is your poison? Which ones have you tried, Liked, disliked? and Why?

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