Cherry Pie


I was surprised by Cherry Pie. I really did not know what to expect, so I wasn’t expecting much at all.

I was out on the deck with a colleague, and we were sitting there talking about current events going on in life… and then it hit me… I mean it really hit me! Cherry Pie wastes no time on impact! It’s like getting hit by a bull charging head first at you, at top speed. Making contact, dragging you along with him on his horns, trampling you and then he just keeps going.

The high was something serious! The sky got bluer, the grass greener, the music sounded… distorted, but the birds sounded great! It was a heavy body high. How did I know? Cuz I had to get up not too much long after, and that was not a fun trip… walking I mean.


Cherry Pie’s parents are Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush. Right there, that should tell you something. It should, but if it doesn’t just know you have been warned. I wasn’t couch locked, but I did feel the weight my body had packed on. My vision and thoughts were more clear and very focused. I had a bit of confusion going on, where I couldn’t quite figure out why random people were talking to me… come to find out, they weren’t (they were just looking in my direction while talking). Of course I was very much relaxed and the high lasted for a good amount of time, considering even after I came down I still couldn’t remember exactly how to get home from where I was (and I lived right around the corner and down the street).

Aaaah yes! Good Ol’ Cherry Pie!

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