What if…?!!


So I was thinking about this one for a minute. I mean it would be a cool idea or after thought, but what if each different strain had “Activators”. Meaning certain activities enhance the bud’s effects, by being enjoyed a certain way.


Like say Blue Dream would work best in a dimly lit room, Blue Candy kush worked to increase conversation and should be sparked in a group setting, Sour D would work to increase mental awareness and could disect and rebuild ideas and subjects, Kushes worked on you while you slept… stuff like that!

It sounds cool in my head…

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3 thoughts on “What if…?!!

  1. ilonainked says:

    Sounds cool to me except your weed would be useless in certain situations if u didnt have the right strand

    • drbuddygreen says:

      Not necessarily useless. You would feel the buzz of course, but only when you do certain things the effects would be amplified. You would just have to choose your strain according to what was going on around you.

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