Strain Reaction!


If you are like me and pay attention to the effects of the particular strain you are dealing with, then you know what to expect and what kind of feelings/energies you are about to be dealing with. What I have figured out is that some strains although good by themselves, work best when paired with another strain. Some to balance out the high, some to enhance the feelings, some go together just because it sounds like a good idea.

Some strains I like as a pair… 1) Sour Diesel x Cheese 2) Blue Dream x Cheese 3) Lemon Diesel x Blue Candy Kush 4) Sour Diesel x Green Crack


1) Cheese by itself is an awesome strain. It enhances thoughts and has a bit of an edge to it. I call it “Thoughts with Attitude” and Sour as you should know is like mental steroids, your thoughts are super pumped and extra creative. Added to the cheese and you have a cluster of super strong thoughts on speed.

2) Blue Dream and Cheese … all of the thoughts your thoughts are having on the Blue Dream, the Cheese makes you verbalize what you are thinking. Which is always a good time when you have no idea what you are talking about!

3) Lemon Diesel and Blue Candy Kush… wow! It’s almost like that movie “The Hangover” minus the amnesia. You think of the wildest stuff, crazy things begin to happen around you, lots of talking and laughing, and when you come down, you have to remember minor details.

4) Green Crack is a force by itself… plain and simple! But mix it with some good Sour D, and you are in for a bang!

What are some of your favorite strain combinations? What effects do they have?


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And the funny thing is…


And the funny thing is, there is some one out there that is really trying it. There is someone out there that wants to prove that to be true, and to prove all the others wrong. Someone is going to try to take on that much green, just to prove a point… how far do you think they will get?

In a single day, what is the most you have medicated?

I don’t ask these questions for nothing… feel free to leave a response. I know you can’t be THAT medicated.

Stay Stoned!

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Strain of the day: Lemon Diesel

get-attachment (38)


Just… wow!

I just had the wild “Hangover” experience. By myself at that.

Lemon Diesel gives you all of the same effects as I said with Sour Diesel, but with a twist. A more euphoric twist. I am a huge fan of Sour Diesel, as I have said many times before… but this?! If Sour Diesel is work, Lemon Diesel is for play!

Let me get back to business… check out some of my previous posts for now, I have some work to finish up then I will come back and give a real up to date post.

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Blackberry Kush


Now although I said I wasn’t a kush fan, it seemed for a period of time that was the only thing going around. I took it as a sign to go ahead and give it a try. And y’kno what?! I wasn’t even mad at the decision.

Blackberry Kush is 80% Indica-dominant, stemming from the mixture of Afghani and Blackberry strains. If you know about Indica’s then you know this is a body high with heavy effects.


Sure enough you will feel each and every bit of the indica. I mean almost immediately, there will be a calming feel that will fill the room. Your body will let go of all tension, your mind will let go of all of the days drama and madness. Stress won’t even be an object of concern. Where ever you are at the time will become a warm welcoming, peaceful place. You will be the most relaxed that you have ever been, without being sleepy or forcing you to sleep.

This strain has given me a reason to give the others (Kush) another chance if we ever cross paths again. Actually there are quite a few strains I have to try again. I have them graded low, but when I check the reviews on other sites people seem to love them and speak very highly about them, which means to me that I picked from a bad batch. And that does happen.

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New Strain (MBS)


MBS which if I am correct stands for Mind, Body and Soul… that sounds like some serious Bud!

I just finished reading the article, and the only thing I can really think about now is taking a trip to Australia!

It was a nicely written report, but it leaves you sitting there like… “OK, so when will I get a chance to see/try it???”


‚Äč”The high begins in the frontal lobe area, and behind the eyes. It spreads to the arms, giving a floating weightless feeling in the limbs. It has a peaceful, calming effect, and whilst not work-stimulating, it is great for wandering around the garden with dreamy thoughts,” as told to Toke of the Town. “The main aim of this line is to get an indica with strong pain-relieving qualities, but also with an uplifting and motivating sativa high.”

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The First Months for me…


For the first couple of months (or maybe a year or so) that I began smoking, I began trying to do tricks. I had seen so many different things done with smoke, that I thought looked cool, but were nothing more to me than the clips I had seen on the screen. So when I began smoking, instantly I went in trying to teach myself some of the things I saw.

You can not imagine how foolish I had to have looked with my mouth all turned up releasing mini smoke clouds, hoping to make a smoke ring.


To be honest, I still have not perfected it but at least now I don’t sit there for an hour or so, making faces.

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Snoop Lion: Reincarnated


Currently, I am sitting here medicated and watching the Snoop Lion documentary Reincarnated. So far it has been an excellent movie. The one part that stood out to me was when Snoop said to the elder Bunny Wailer, “I would love to smoke with you”


There is a lot of gravity in those words.

The power of the session, is real!

When someone wants to smoke with you, so much is happening there. They either want to learn from you, share something with you, connect with you on the level only the higher grades will get you, they value you, your time, your thoughts and opinions.


There are a lot of HIGHlights about this movie. I think one of my more favorite things to see… was that everytime you see Daz (a member of the Dogg Pound group), he was either rolling something up or smoking one, or a combination of the two.

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