Strain(ge) Journal


Something I have done since I started getting good quality green, is been keeping a journal or sorts. My “Checklist” as I call it, or a “Smoke’-dex”. I keep a list of Strain names, I give them grades, I write a note as to whether it was worth the time or not, if it was a Indica, Sativa, or a Hybrid, the effects, and what it was good for.

The most of my ‘patients’ are artists in some manner. Writers, Chefs, Poets, Fine Artists… I can go on. I love to recommend a strain to them and to hear their experiences with the strain. Honestly I love hearing the experiences had with any strain!

So far I am up to 30 known strains… and a couple of unknowns. Technically, the unknowns don’t count to me because I can’t call them. Knowing your strains tells you a lot about what you are dealing with, and will give you a heads up on what to expect.

What I mean is this… If I say “Hey, I’m having some Blue Candy Kush” If you are familiar with the strain then you know to expect a mild high, with a nice cerebral buzz, heightened sense of feel, lots of talking will be happening, along with jokes and a good time.

On the other hand if I tell you “Hey, I got some LOUD/Exotic/Mid” … You have no idea what to expect. All you know is that it’s whatever they said it is. Why is that a problem? Well for me, I have indeed had some good mid. Mid that may even be better than some of the known strains. Why is that a problem? Well… how can I revisit it? or in the case that I didn’t like the effects, How would I know to stay away from it?

This is the problem I have with not knowing strains. Especially with those select few who have had “Bad experiences” when I ask them what was it that you smoked? It almost hurts my ears when I hear them reply simply “Weed/some Mid/Some Loud”

Knowing your strains will help you out in the long run. At the very least, if it is all new to you, you can go to an app and check out the reviews and the grade it was given, before you partake.

Or maybe that is just me overthinking it all…

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Either way do you keep a journal or have a list? What are some of your favorite strains? Why?

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