New Strain (MBS)


MBS which if I am correct stands for Mind, Body and Soul… that sounds like some serious Bud!

I just finished reading the article, and the only thing I can really think about now is taking a trip to Australia!

It was a nicely written report, but it leaves you sitting there like… “OK, so when will I get a chance to see/try it???”


​”The high begins in the frontal lobe area, and behind the eyes. It spreads to the arms, giving a floating weightless feeling in the limbs. It has a peaceful, calming effect, and whilst not work-stimulating, it is great for wandering around the garden with dreamy thoughts,” as told to Toke of the Town. “The main aim of this line is to get an indica with strong pain-relieving qualities, but also with an uplifting and motivating sativa high.”

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