Blackberry Kush


Now although I said I wasn’t a kush fan, it seemed for a period of time that was the only thing going around. I took it as a sign to go ahead and give it a try. And y’kno what?! I wasn’t even mad at the decision.

Blackberry Kush is 80% Indica-dominant, stemming from the mixture of Afghani and Blackberry strains. If you know about Indica’s then you know this is a body high with heavy effects.


Sure enough you will feel each and every bit of the indica. I mean almost immediately, there will be a calming feel that will fill the room. Your body will let go of all tension, your mind will let go of all of the days drama and madness. Stress won’t even be an object of concern. Where ever you are at the time will become a warm welcoming, peaceful place. You will be the most relaxed that you have ever been, without being sleepy or forcing you to sleep.

This strain has given me a reason to give the others (Kush) another chance if we ever cross paths again. Actually there are quite a few strains I have to try again. I have them graded low, but when I check the reviews on other sites people seem to love them and speak very highly about them, which means to me that I picked from a bad batch. And that does happen.

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