Strain Reaction!


If you are like me and pay attention to the effects of the particular strain you are dealing with, then you know what to expect and what kind of feelings/energies you are about to be dealing with. What I have figured out is that some strains although good by themselves, work best when paired with another strain. Some to balance out the high, some to enhance the feelings, some go together just because it sounds like a good idea.

Some strains I like as a pair… 1) Sour Diesel x Cheese 2) Blue Dream x Cheese 3) Lemon Diesel x Blue Candy Kush 4) Sour Diesel x Green Crack


1) Cheese by itself is an awesome strain. It enhances thoughts and has a bit of an edge to it. I call it “Thoughts with Attitude” and Sour as you should know is like mental steroids, your thoughts are super pumped and extra creative. Added to the cheese and you have a cluster of super strong thoughts on speed.

2) Blue Dream and Cheese … all of the thoughts your thoughts are having on the Blue Dream, the Cheese makes you verbalize what you are thinking. Which is always a good time when you have no idea what you are talking about!

3) Lemon Diesel and Blue Candy Kush… wow! It’s almost like that movie “The Hangover” minus the amnesia. You think of the wildest stuff, crazy things begin to happen around you, lots of talking and laughing, and when you come down, you have to remember minor details.

4) Green Crack is a force by itself… plain and simple! But mix it with some good Sour D, and you are in for a bang!

What are some of your favorite strain combinations? What effects do they have?


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