You know you are high when…

The music in your head, maybe it was the last song you heard, a commercial that just went off, or that one song that’s been stuck in your head all damn day… yea, that song!

You know that you are high when that song (in your head), gets louder!


Ever have a severe case of the Munchies?


So much to the point where it didn’t matter what you ate, or how much, it never really did the trick. That is the worse. It’s like your stomach becomes this black hole, that can seemingly never be filled nor satisfied.

This has also been the reason for crazy food combinations, and or thinking some things would be a good idea, when clearly they are not.


Here’s one of my truths…

This one time, I was heavily medicated on a high grade indica (I wish I knew which strain in particular), and it had me feeling like I was made of stone. Now this story is actually the reason I prepare my food/snacks etc before I medicate. Not even 10 minutes into my buzz, I got hungry… like really hungry. If you don’t know, Indica’s come with a body high, which usually means your body feels like everything on you is much heavier than it is. Your arms are 20 lbs heavier, your legs are 10 lbs heavier, YOU become 60 lbs heavier and your head 10 lbs. This is where that term “Couch Lock” comes from, where ever you are… that is where you want to stay. The chair, the bed, or for most the couch. Where ever it is, you are kind of planted there, and it is usually a good idea to stay there.

Well, I got hungry… and something had to be done. This is where things got interesting…

So I got up, the kitchen was only a room away but the walk there took almost forever. My legs were extremely heavy, and walking was nearly impossible. It felt like 10 or more minutes had passed before I actually made it to the kitchen, and when I got there I was so happy that I had made it that I celebrated with a small victory dance! I had some of those Gorton’s fish patties in the freezer, so I took two out and put them in the oven. Surprisingly it worked out pretty well, I didn’t forget they were in there and they didn’t burn or anything. They came out damn near perfect! Crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. I decided to add bread and make sandwiches out of them. Well this is where High shit starts happening. I couldn’t decide on which condiments to put on these sandwiches… I had a lot of options and they all sounded pretty damn good.

Long story short… I ended up with 2 Fish and cheese sandwiches both made with I side Ketchup & Mayo, the other side Honey Mustard and BBQ sauce. And you know what, they were DEEEE-licious!

What crazy combinations have you found yourself consuming due to the Munchies? Or How much have you eaten in a sitting, that would any other time be too much?

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Godfather OG Better known as “The DON” (of OG’s)


So I was lucky enough to get my paws on some of this Godfather OG, getting straight to the point… It holds up to it’s name! I’m kind of upset that it was gone before I could get some more. Maybe it’s the name, but the high is very “Sophisticated” as I like to say. After the first two pulls (yes, I chose to roll this one up) you feel the buzz almost immediately. For me I would know I was good when it felt like I was either underwater floating, or on a cloud. It makes you feel almost weight-less for a portion of time, and if very pleasant. Thoughts, vision, hearing… everything becomes clearer. There is little to no confusion, and a slight shift in your body weight, which you should expect from an indica strain.

“The DON” is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, with a kush like spiciness in its scent, with some subtle grape tones. The buzz is strong, lasts for quite a while, you will surely talk more and it will open your eyes to some things you may have overlooked before.


I enjoyed this strain quite a bit. This is one I would put up and only smoke on special occasions or with special people. I’m glad I didn’t turn this one down.

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