Stoner Significant Others… or Significant Stoners


There is absolutely nothing like having a lover that will share the experience with you. To me (and those who are lucky) the feeling you get from being able to kick back, relax and burn one with that one special person, tops everything else.

When I first began talking to my lady, I was kind of apprehensive about revealing that tidbit of information at first but at the same time I felt that if we were going to be together, then I should not have to hide anything about myself with her especially. At first I thought she was going to turn her nose up and make some quirky remarks that I would have to (We)Educate her on but then the wildest thing happened… she confessed that not only did she not mind, but she did too.

We have been best buds ever since!


The talks last longer, the music is sweeter, we appreciate each others silliness, we laugh and joke and have tons of fun together. It is just a wonderful thing to have someone that you don’t have to hide from, or worry about judging you for your choices or anything for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong, smoking with other people is great… but being in the company of that one person and being able to share that part of yourself with them, that is a whole ‘nother level of love.

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