I wonder if we did this to them growing up…

I really wish these film companies would really leave the CLASSICS ALONE! Stop remaking or trying to remake those certain golden oldies, that need not be touched, for they were perfection just as they were!

Why are these companies afraid to try something new? I’m not even going to ask why the viewers are still watching, because we already know why… but where is the new material? the fresh Ideas?!

Don’t get me wrong. Some of the old stuff would look good redone for the new day in age, but at the same time with the same breath some stuff just needs to be left as is. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sequels or spin offs of certain films, but to remake them and just miss the mark all together, would leave a really bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths.

And I won’t even begin to get started on movies based on Comic book or video game characters!

That’s why Ifux with fan made films. Independent made films.

I can’t wait till my stories are completed. I’m going to be looking for a team ASAP to get to work on making a screenplay or an animated film. Fresh new ideas. I need to get back into reading again. I see my help is needed in the world of creativity!

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