Has this ever happened to you…?


I thought I was doing something. I opened up my box of goodies for my lady one evening and was excited because I had maybe 5 jars (with an eighth a piece), each containing a different strain of something good. Don’t get me wrong, we had a very good time. We got to play with the different strains to see which ones she liked better than others, we combined pretty much all of the strains individually and found that some strains work better when paired with other strains (I call them secondary strains), some strains together have some serious effects. It was a good time.


Next go round we go to her place. She pulls out a nug (of 3 Kings) about the size of my forearm, and got it at an unbelievable price. And I’m sitting there like… It is time for me to reevaluate some things going on in my life!

4 cans
(This isn’t the nug, I just found this pic online to go along with the story)

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