I don’t know which I like more…


Smoking alone or with friends….?

There is a certain kind of clarity that can be achieved when one is left to himself to consort. Smoking alone shows you bits and pieces of yourself that you may not have been aware of. Your thoughts are more clearer, you tend to be able to see things from other perspectives, your learn to consider all available options, and think on other levels. Your ideas are more profound, you handle situations with a more direct approach.

Smoking with friends… well it really depends on who you are smoking with, but smoking with people around you are able to pick up on their energy and sync, then the world just seems like a better place. You realize just how awesome the moment is, and better still how good it feels to be able to share it with your peoples.

Then you have those rare times when you smoke and are feeling good, then someone… doing something, or saying some wild shit, totally kills your buzz. I don’t know about you but the first words that go thru my head are… “I don’t believe this shit is happening!” then I check my watch to see just how long I was high.

It happens. I guess each setting has it’s benefits and works well either way, as long as you are smoking, right?! Right!


2 thoughts on “I don’t know which I like more…

  1. nikkisth0ughts says:

    smoking alone is such a peaceful experience. quite frankly i don’t care either way as long i get to smoke. but smoking with friends, especially new ones is SUCH a bonding experience. you learn so much about each other and just chill.

    • Yeeeeeaaah! I was thinking about how if you drink alone, then some would say ‘you have a problem’ where as if you smoke alone… it’s not a problem at all. I don’t mind smoking alone, it allows my thoughts the room to expand and grow into shape. But like you said, Smoking with friends is quite an experience!

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