Has this ever happened to you…?


I thought I was doing something. I opened up my box of goodies for my lady one evening and was excited because I had maybe 5 jars (with an eighth a piece), each containing a different strain of something good. Don’t get me wrong, we had a very good time. We got to play with the different strains to see which ones she liked better than others, we combined pretty much all of the strains individually and found that some strains work better when paired with other strains (I call them secondary strains), some strains together have some serious effects. It was a good time.


Next go round we go to her place. She pulls out a nug (of 3 Kings) about the size of my forearm, and got it at an unbelievable price. And I’m sitting there like… It is time for me to reevaluate some things going on in my life!

4 cans
(This isn’t the nug, I just found this pic online to go along with the story)

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The BONG! …errr, ummm… Glass Pipe!


Since I learned how to roll late, when I really began smoking I figured I had to get me a pipe. I had seen some really cool looking ones online, and I knew of a shop that specialized in glass ware. Well, when I got there the guys working that day were extra cool, very knowledgeable and were more tan happy to share what they knew. Long story short, I ended up getting my first ‘water pipe’ that day… and have been happy ever since!



After my first one, I checked online and found that there was a whole community of people out there in love with glass and the art there in. I even learned about (and watched) this movie called “Degenerative Art” which gives you an in depth and behind the scenes look into that world, the world of Glass blowing. It is indeed a sight to see, especially medicated! Oh yea, as I was saying before I got sidetracked… after my first one, I began searching for others. Other people like me who named their piece, other people who liked the art, others who… hell when you smoke, you are just happy to see other people smoking good. I had taken some time to get familiar with the terminology, because I had no clue what arms and percs were, and it was just a lot at the time. I had found maybe 3 sites that specialized in glass (that I was interested in), and got comfortable enough with one and made my first order. And since their prices were pretty reasonable, I made sure to check them often. They haven’t failed me yet. My collection is still at a beginner level (3 Pieces), but slowly but surely it is growing.

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This is my Buddy, Benson!

file_38_2p>Benson came into the picture maybe 3 years ago. I was interested in the idea of vaping, but the only vape I had knew about at the time was the infamous Volcano… but it came with a hefty price tag. I really was not about to pay $600 for it. I didn’t see it happening.

After a while I began to check around, and found out that there are others out there. So then it became a question of name brand/Quality, and of course reasonable pricing.

Initially I had decided to get the digital wood/metal tabletop vaporizer… no, actually that is what I ordered. Well when the package arrived, I ended up with Benson. Now, at first I was upset because I had my hopes up for the digital one, but a friend of mines who was there when it came was like “Go ahead and open it up, you might like this one…” which was indeed the case.


We vaped some Blue Dream that day, and watched the Regular Show.

It was after a year or so of good experiences, that he would acquire the name Benson