I tried…

Maaaaan, I have been stone dry for the last few weeks. Thank goodness for good friends.

My stash is at the lowest it has ever been… which is completely empty actually. Everyone asking me if I brought something with me and the little grumpy green smurf on my shoulder is like “Did you put something towards me bringing something?!”… I got plenty of liquor, but they already have plenty of that. Speaking of, since I was out I decided to give drinking another shot… that didn’t go well at all. I had maybe 2 shots, and getting them down was a task… lets just say I see why I left it alone. I’m good on that. I hate that nauseating feeling. I like the buzz but hate that sick feeling with a passion. There is nothing fun about it.


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No Pool for me…


So I successfully talked myself out of going to the pool just now.

yep… so much for that.

Blackberry kush took a moment to remind me, just how long of a walk that was… just to be getting in some water.

Not when I got a nice sized bath tub sitting in the next room!

I just couldn’t do it. Not right now, but I’ma keep these trunks on for a little while. They make me feel like I’m at the beach. Needless to say, I’m feeling pretty damn good right now. Damn! Only if the grocery stores around here would deliver…

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Well, it’s time to go watch that show of all kinds of mystery and confusion… You sit there for hours on end, caught in the choices on Netflix. And never really come to a solid conclusion, but end up watching something just because you wanted to watch something on Netflix.

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My Medicine…


I HAD some thoughts on what I was going to say in regards to the stress that took place today in the workplace, but guess what? Fuck it! The day is over, I don’t have to deal with it anymore. Tomorrow is a new day. And I haven’t even had a puff yet.


I was really upset today though. If there is one thing that I can not stand, it’s un-organization. Especially in a facility that is supposed to be thorough and very… very organized.


Then to have that energy brought my way… it really knocked my ‘Good chi’ out of whack! I hadn’t been that upset in years, I make it a point not to. I had pre-mentalized what I was going to blog about today, and had a good mental rant going. Then got home, got a whiff of some good bud and just the thought of kicking back and letting the smoke flow put a smile on my face and washed away the bullshit of the day. Well it threw some water on it, I’m about to get to the actual washing in a bit.

Then as I was coming online to type out the ‘rant’… I could not remember what it was that was really bothering me. I had left it in the past. There was/is no need to carry it with me any further.

Plus I found these cool pics on tumblr