I don’t know what it was…

…but what I can tell you is it felt like forever trying to fix me a sandwich.

A heavy Indica something. Had my legs feeling extra heavy, which has got to be one of the craziest feelings ever. I haven’t felt that in a long while. Couch lock is the reason I began making and laying out my snacks before hand, so I wouldn’t have to move.



You gotta excuse my absence

I have been working hard on building my business and haven’t made time to post like I use to. That and the fact that I went from having a Budsman that knew his stuff, to now having a guy that doesn’t know nothing of strains, only Blue Dream, Purp, and Sour. Everything else gets a generic label based on the quality of the high, which usually is something along the lines of “Loud”, “New Exotic” or “Some Fiyah”.

It sucks… my list of strains is at a stand still since sometime last year. I cant even remember the last legit strain I had. No worries tho, I know better days are ahead!

I just had the most horrifying thought…

What if they do legalize it… and they open up shops and shit… and then it all sells out faster than it can be grew? Supply was low everywhere… 

That would suck… but then people would start growing their own. And then money wouldn’t be an object… people would barter their home grown green, for things. 

That would be a cool form of payment tho… like a bonus! 

Stoner shit

A friend with Weed, is a friend indeed!

I never realized just how true that statement was until recently.

You can really tell how much someone values you dependent on what they share with you, whether its secrets, stories, parts of their personal life, or when it comes to weed that might just be a combination of all of the above.

If you remember from my other post where I mention the first person(s) I really had a chance to sit down and smoke with… now that I look back on it, that was a major thing. Do you know or realize that people do not just “SHARE” their weed. It’s not like alcohol, where ten dollars can get you a nice sized bottle, and can be spread thru approximately 10 cups. NO, this is a whole different level of joy. You have your fast food, and then you have gourmet meals and fine dining. I’ll be the first person to tell you I don’t do dollar menu… not when it comes to my high especially. This is actually going into my Drinkers vs Smokers topic which I have yet to really dig into… but I do not drink as much as I use to. I’ll have an occasional/ social drink every now and then, but it doesn’t do it for me. I’m getting too far off course I know, but if we are out and everyone else is drinking, and there is someone in the crowd that recognizes the signs and offers… That’s a friend!  

Smokers are some of the most genuine, mellow, knowledgeable and peaceful people. It is rare that you will find an angry stoner… rare! And that is simply because they are too busy being happy and enjoying life.

What are some of the best things to do with friends, while stoned? What stories do you have?

Do you name your Glass?


Am I the only person that names their pieces? Idunno, for me it serves as a connection I have with my things. I give their names based on their performance and the power(s) they may possess… (think Function). 

As of right now I have a Water pipe named Jimi (for the obvious reason, being there is an image of Jimi Hendrix on it).

Another Water pipe I have given the name Bobby Drake aka SuperMan… The superman part came from a patient that didn’t know any better. I told her that I had named him Bobby Drake due to his color, design and the fact that he had Ice nodules, and the font used reminds me of the “Black Ice” typeface, so I gave him a fitting name. She took a hit and the kick was almost instant she said “Bobby Drake…? You should have named him Super Man”, from that day forth I just went with it and added it on.


Another hand Pipe I named Mr. Kent (aka Iceman) which was a spin on the first one. I haven’t given him an official name, I usually just call him “Hurricane” because of the hurricane mouthpiece. I dubbed him Mr Kent because of his more refined look. It has a classy look and feel to him, but packs a hell of a punch. The Iceman part was just a way to reference the first piece lol.

Both Bobby Drake and Mr Kent I got online for pretty awesome prices. I am not mad at the decision at all. In fact I recommend the site to anyone and everyone who is interested.

get-attachment (5)

I also have a VaporBlunt I named Sue Storm (The Invisible Lady) Long but short story as to why she is pink… don’t ask, just know she gets the job done!

I haven’t given the Iolite a named yet because he hasn’t earned one. Not saying it’s a bad product, just saying I couldn’t get it to work for me like it should… maybe just once or twice.

I have another tabletop Vape which is holding the name Benson because he looks like Benson from Regular show. He might just keep that name too

…and I think that’s all for right now. I’ve only JUST Started my collection.

Do you name your pieces? If so I’d like to see them. Feel free to email me pics and a brief description as to where, why, and how the piece got the name. Doc.Bud.Green@gmail.com

In my Opinion… (Starbuds)

If he just started smoking about a year or two ago, how is it that he would know that what he is smoking, is “the dankest of the dank”? If he really wanted to do something, he’d create a strain just like it and give it his name. Like Jack Harer did, Like Mr Nice did, and get his strain out there… and the people will let him know if what he says, is indeed truth.

A high like that, you want to share with as many people as possible…

Starbucks… or StarBUDs

Starbucks… or StarBUDs

I’m not sure how I feel about this one…

So I’m reading this article on this former Microsoft executive, and how after a ‘session’ he and some colleagues brainstormed some of the “Greatest ideas” so he says. Ideas including branding strains, and charging up to $50 a gram. And going after a market of first time smokers, with deep pockets.

See… this is how you take something beautiful, and make it unbearably grotesque.

There is so much to be said about this, and not much of it is good. Now, if you are a smoker or partake in the festivities in any way, then you know how passionate we are or can be when it comes to the quality of our Bud. To take that, and now to separate a select few strains… brand them (because that’s all that it is, you’ll be paying for a name just like those sneakers), high jack the price of course… in my opinion, it’s 1) Dumb (It may sound smart to some people but you are taking away from the joy of the green) 2) smothered in greed.

Now if you read the article closely, it seems as though he may be hinting at things to come. Maybe there is hope in regards to legalization, if not decriminalizing is sure looking promising but even still, why would anyone go to a “Starbucks” of green, when there are already Smoke houses/shops you can go to comfortably? And are not as pricey.

Another thing that stands out to me is that he just started smoking, maybe a year ago… Why not start somewhere along the lines of letting people know that Bud is not the “Drug” that people have been led to believe it was for so many years? Or if you have so much pull, then why not work towards making it legal/decriminalizing… and or cleaning up the horrible name/reputation it has been given over the years. It shouldn’t be classified a Schedule 1 drug, because it’s not, it’s not habit forming nor addictive. I think the part that is more addictive is trying to learn and perfect your rolling technique. More people have died from cigarettes and alcohol than from Bud. It has more uses alone than any other thing on this earth.

I look forward to seeing just how this plays out. I will be keeping my eyes and ears open though, because I think he may have been saying more than what was written in the article.

With that said, what are some of the strongest strains you have come in contact with? What effects did they have on you?