Excuse my absence…

…but my computer is on some shit and is not allowing me to utilize certain things for whatever reason. Like it won’t allow me to post pics or click on certain key buttons. Bah! So my next couple of posts won’t have any pics, but anyway, is it me or is today’s cereal no where as good as it was when we was growing up?


And the funny thing is…


And the funny thing is, there is some one out there that is really trying it. There is someone out there that wants to prove that to be true, and to prove all the others wrong. Someone is going to try to take on that much green, just to prove a point… how far do you think they will get?

In a single day, what is the most you have medicated?

I don’t ask these questions for nothing… feel free to leave a response. I know you can’t be THAT medicated.

Stay Stoned!

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New Strain (MBS)


MBS which if I am correct stands for Mind, Body and Soul… that sounds like some serious Bud!


I just finished reading the article, and the only thing I can really think about now is taking a trip to Australia!

It was a nicely written report, but it leaves you sitting there like… “OK, so when will I get a chance to see/try it???”


​”The high begins in the frontal lobe area, and behind the eyes. It spreads to the arms, giving a floating weightless feeling in the limbs. It has a peaceful, calming effect, and whilst not work-stimulating, it is great for wandering around the garden with dreamy thoughts,” as told to Toke of the Town. “The main aim of this line is to get an indica with strong pain-relieving qualities, but also with an uplifting and motivating sativa high.”

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Just a bit about Bud (Me)…

Growing up, I was totally against smoking. It was always around me in some way. I had my mother and pretty much all of my aunts, and they all smoked cigarettes regularly. I hated it. In school they had the anti smoking campaigns going, but they were talking about a totally different substance. At this time I had no clue what Marijuana was, so essentially you can thank your anti smoking ads for bringing it to my attention.

It wouldn’t be until my my early teen years that I would be formally introduced to the plant. I had come in contact with it plenty of times before but when you are young and don’t know what you are around, you just take it for what it is and keep it moving. So it went from a strong smelling cigar/ette at the cookouts, to me being aware of this distinctive smell and knowing what it is… yet still considered it nothing more than smoking.

I grew up hearing about it in songs, they talked about it on television shows, but none of that ever did anything to me that made me want to do it. It was never a big deal to me.

As I got older, well it became even less of a deal if it was one at all. To me it was just another drug.

My first experience smoking green (skipping past the puff of cigarette, and the trials with Black & Milds), was in my late teen years. It was in the back yard of my best friends house. His parents were away for the weekend and he had the house to himself. So what else do you do when you’re young and left with the responsibility of keeping the house in tact while the grown ups are away? You have a party! Well it was more of a get together, everyone came hung out. We played spades and of course talked shit. Well no more than 5 minutes from me walking in, I’m handed …no, scuse me this joint was being waved in my face. I pushed it away several times, for several minutes. At this point my friend is telling me “…it’s really not as bad as they make it out to be. This is the second one, and I’m good!” The term I’m Good to me meant that even tho he was under an influence, he was still functional and knew who, what, why and where he was and what was going on. I was always under the impression that one puff sent you clear out of your mind. One puff and you were now a pothead. One puff and you were hooked. And the last thing I wanted to be at such a young age, was an addict… but, after hearing that “I’m good” I said, well let me give it a try.

I made it thru the night after several puffs. Whats more, I did not feel a thing just a few tingles. We had some more about a week or two later… and still, Nothing.

I was confused. I did not understand what all the fuss was about, not for the life of me. That is where the desire came from. Years down the line I crossed paths with some of the coolest people to date. Both of which I worked with. The first being the coolest cougar I know. What I didn’t know (then) was even as cool and professional as she was, when she left work all her work day blues were covered up with good evening greens! It was a shock to my system because it was so unexpected. You would think your typical smoker would have low or red eyes, and had an essence of air headedness about them. Not the case at all. Well, I forget exactly how we began hanging out but not too long into it she brings smoking up and tells me how she has been doing it for years and knew all the tricks of the trade, especially in regards to keeping up appearance 🙂 Honestly I don’t remember the first time we smoked, but I remember this, it went from smoking one a day, to two a day, to several. Then when friends would come over, they would bring some too and keep it going. I called those ‘nights of heavy rotation’. That was the start…

Next… me and this co worker started off kind of rocky actually. She was mad at me for some reason and if I’m not mistaken even disliked me for a good period of time. I’ve come to find out that is just the way she is, everyone starts off on the dislike end of the stick. You just have to work your way in. Some way or another, we had to meet on neutral grounds. I believe we ended up having to work together on the same hall for a period of time. And with certain jobs, your team and teamwork is the only way you will make it thru. At the end of one of our work days, she extended the invite and of course with a slight hesitation ( I had to think about it for a second. Yesterday you hate my guts, today you pose a peace offer O.o hmm? but where else was I going to get it? With that said…) I accepted. Since then we have been the best of friends. I told her about my first experience and how I felt nothing… She in turn explained to me how to properly inhale, the difference in GRADES of weed, what it means to MATCH, and all the stuff I would need to know from rolling to grinding.

That was at the age of 24. I know, I know… I was a late bloomer. Since then, I have taken the time to get better acquainted with the plant. I couldn’t just do something for the sake of doin it with out KNOWING what it was I was really doing. So I began doing my research. I began paying more attention to things and you can say, my mind had been opened up to the world around me. The people I once looked (down/sideways) at as ‘Smokers’ I saw in a whole new light.

There is an entire Canna Community! People have been conducting experiments, creating useable appliances, and doing everything you can think of with this one plant. It took me maybe a good month and I was more enlightened on the subject then I would have ever expected. I learned about the Indicas, the Sativas, the Hybrids, the differences in outdoor and indoor grows, Hydroponics, Hashes, Waxes, oils, butter, Milk, tinctures and Edibles. I learned the mathematics as far as pricing and what the terms meant (Gram, Quarter, Half, O, Zip etc). Then came the fun part… learning that there are different types of weed known as Strains, and they all do or are good for different things!!! My mind was officially BLOWN!

Fun turned up a couple of levels when I found out that there are a variety of ways that the plant can be enjoyed. Smoking was not the only option, simply the most preferred. I discovered that it was also at the bottom of the chain when it comes to the quality of your high… but I will get into that part later.

There is so much to go into when you talk Cannabis, and honestly it is one of the best conversations you could have with anyone. Whether they are for or against it, it is still good to hear what they have to say and then hear their tunes change up when they themselves learn something.

Care to Partake?