Have you ever…

Have you ever been so stuck in your high… that you forget that the person you are talking to on the phone asked you to hold on, what seems a forever ago, that you end up somehow forgetting it, and start calling out… “Hello? Hello… You there?”


Hey… it happens


Why is it that all the GIANT Movie monsters move in slow motion???


We are gonna be unprepared like a MuthaF**Ker is we really believe these giant shits really move at no faster than 5mph!!!


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If you knew you could do anything for a day… What would you do?


Hmmm? Let me think… as I sit here and watch this “Amazing Spider Man” movie, medicated of course, I am having a burst of ideas. Something different… I’d say for 24 hours, my day would consist of this: For every different hour, which is 24, I will get you use the powers of 24 of my favorite comic book characters. An hour at a time.

I mean for a moment… can you really imagine the guts it takes to not only climb the heights he does, but jumping, free falling and SWINGING on his own body weight thru the air at speeds I wouldn’t dare to test out in no kind of vehicle. Until I learn to teleport at will, bu that’s a completely different thought all together. Imagine being able to walk along and touch that school gym ceiling. Jumping xx amount of feet in the air on that skateboard, on the court, or roller blades, or maybe just jumping for the sake of jumping.

I’d have to get back to you later as far as my 24 characters goes… hell, Idunno if I even have 24


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