Have you ever…

Have you ever been so stuck in your high… that you forget that the person you are talking to on the phone asked you to hold on, what seems a forever ago, that you end up somehow forgetting it, and start calling out… “Hello? Hello… You there?”


Hey… it happens


I tried…

Maaaaan, I have been stone dry for the last few weeks. Thank goodness for good friends.

My stash is at the lowest it has ever been… which is completely empty actually. Everyone asking me if I brought something with me and the little grumpy green smurf on my shoulder is like “Did you put something towards me bringing something?!”… I got plenty of liquor, but they already have plenty of that. Speaking of, since I was out I decided to give drinking another shot… that didn’t go well at all. I had maybe 2 shots, and getting them down was a task… lets just say I see why I left it alone. I’m good on that. I hate that nauseating feeling. I like the buzz but hate that sick feeling with a passion. There is nothing fun about it.


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Excuse my absence…

…but my computer is on some shit and is not allowing me to utilize certain things for whatever reason. Like it won’t allow me to post pics or click on certain key buttons. Bah! So my next couple of posts won’t have any pics, but anyway, is it me or is today’s cereal no where as good as it was when we was growing up?

I don’t know which I like more…


Smoking alone or with friends….?

There is a certain kind of clarity that can be achieved when one is left to himself to consort. Smoking alone shows you bits and pieces of yourself that you may not have been aware of. Your thoughts are more clearer, you tend to be able to see things from other perspectives, your learn to consider all available options, and think on other levels. Your ideas are more profound, you handle situations with a more direct approach.

Smoking with friends… well it really depends on who you are smoking with, but smoking with people around you are able to pick up on their energy and sync, then the world just seems like a better place. You realize just how awesome the moment is, and better still how good it feels to be able to share it with your peoples.

Then you have those rare times when you smoke and are feeling good, then someone… doing something, or saying some wild shit, totally kills your buzz. I don’t know about you but the first words that go thru my head are… “I don’t believe this shit is happening!” then I check my watch to see just how long I was high.

It happens. I guess each setting has it’s benefits and works well either way, as long as you are smoking, right?! Right!

You ever got so high, WORDS just didn’t sound right?!


I was sitting with a friend one day, and some how or another I made a comment about “How Observative…” this person was.

For real, we sat there for a good 45 minutes trying to figure out, put together, break it down and use it in a sentence… all to see if this was a real word! Googled it, looked for definitions and everything. Funny thing is, we found a few on line (of course), and now that I type it in this post, there is a red line under it. Meaning the computer realizes that something just ain’t right here.

Have you ever had this happen? What words caught you? 

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Why is it that all the GIANT Movie monsters move in slow motion???


We are gonna be unprepared like a MuthaF**Ker is we really believe these giant shits really move at no faster than 5mph!!!


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I just had a SGAT sandwich…


What is a SGaT sandwich you ask?


It ‘Sounded Good at the Time’!

Nothing too crazy. Surely not like the pic I have posted, but you can tell somebody was going thru it. It was ground beef that I had made earlier to go with some noodles, but never got around to it… and I added the ground beef to some cheese eggs. Put some Ketchup and Mayo on two slices of bread and pow! Instant midnight snack

And it was delicious!

Even washed it down with a Redd’s Strawberrry ale. 

I know I have asked this before, didn’t get a response then… hoping I get a response now. What are some crazy food combinations you have put together, driven by having a case of the munchies?

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